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You Couldnt Make it Up Empty You Couldnt Make it Up

Post  cyprussyd on 2014-06-14, 3:04 pm

Ninety prisoners including violent armed robbers, murderers and thieves on the run from a single open prison

  • Gang leader and lifer David Blood walked out of Ford Open Prison yesterday
  • Blood absconded from prison in 2012 - and was missing for three months  

  • He is one of 90 inmates currently on the run from Ford in West Sussex
  • Killer Robert Donovan, 57, walked out in 2010 but appeal only made now

PUBLISHED: 09:02, 13 June 2014 UPDATED: 22:06, 13 June 2014

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An open prison has a staggering  90 inmates on the run, it emerged last night.
They include at least one murderer, burglars, firearms criminals and  fraudsters – some of whom absconded from jail years ago.
The revelations about HMP Ford in West Sussex will intensify the row over whether the wrong convicts are being sent to open conditions to ease pressure on Britain’s packed jails.
Local Tory MP Nick Gibb and the Prison Officers Association said mistakes were being made because of ‘constraints’ in the prison service.

Mr Gibb warned: ‘The risk assessment of prisoners who are being sent to Ford open prison is clearly not vigorous enough.
‘I sense that because of the constraints on capacity in the prison service that mistakes are being made in that assessment process.’

Steve Gillan, general secretary of the POA, said his members were noticing ‘time and time again’ that the wrong sorts of prisoners are being placed in open conditions.
He added: ‘There aren’t enough prison officers because of budget cuts, we’re too overcrowded, mistakes are being made, and I think people are being rushed through the system incorrectly.’
In a sign of a worsening overcrowding crisis, 40 prisons across England and Wales were instructed to raise their ‘operational capacity’. 

This is a tactic used by prison bosses to create more space in the system by, for example, re-opening disused cells.
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Earlier this week, the Daily Mail revealed how Sussex Police, which released the latest figures about HMP Ford, had taken four years to tell the public a savage murderer had gone missing from the prison.
Robert Donovan – whose fatal stabbing of a West End theatre manager shocked the country in the 1970s – walked out in June 2010, less than a year after being moved to open conditions.
But, despite police considering the killer too dangerous to approach, not a single appeal was made for help in catching the  57-year-old until this week.
Officers said they had decided to act only after deciding he was probably no longer hiding in Sussex.

Violent armed robber David Blood is the latest inmate to  go on the run from Ford  open prison after he absconded on Thursday.
The 48-year-old was serving a life sentence for a robbery on a post office in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, in 2000. 
He is the 23rd convict to abscond from the prison since November last year.
Last month violent robber Simon Rhodes-Butler also absconded from Ford, but  was arrested in London yesterday morning. 
Blood is 6ft1in, of small build with brown eyes and cropped black hair, and is thought to have links to Staffordshire  and Warwickshire. 
PC Stephen Reed said: ‘Because of Blood’s record, we have to consider that he could pose a threat to  the public. I would urge  anyone that sees him to contact us on 999 rather than approaching him.’

Responding to the latest figures, they denied being too slow to act in identifying and tracing absconders.
Supt Lawrence Hobbs said the force made ‘some very quick and positive steps’ and had arrested 23 absconders in recent months.
Around 23 people disappear from the prison each year. He said police did not routinely make media appeals to the public when prisoners went missing but considered each case individually, taking into account the risk.
He added the vast majority were serving jail terms for offences such as fraud, dishonesty and theft, telling the BBC: ‘We are absolutely confident the risk to the public remains low.’
In November, the force found there was a number of people who had absconded whose cases had not been regularly reviewed, and a dedicated team was set up to review each case.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: ‘The Justice Secretary has been clear that keeping the public safe is our priority and has ordered immediate and major changes to tighten up temporary release processes and open  prison eligibility.’  
He added that abscondments had reached record lows under this Government and were down 80 per cent over the past ten years, and insisted every incident was taken seriously, with police contacted as a matter of urgency.
Controversy has been raging for two months over convicts absconding from open jails. It was sparked by the disappearance of an armed robber known as the Skull Cracker.
Michael Wheatley, 55, walked out of a Kent jail last month, holding up a building society in Surrey before being caught.

Killers and other violent criminals have been able to walk out of jail in recent months.
In almost every case police warned the public these men should not be approached.
Murderer David Richards, 53, walked out of prison and went on the run for nine years – even claiming benefits, obtaining a passport and going abroad on holiday.
The disappearance of the Hell’s Angel should have triggered a  manhunt after he absconded from a Derbyshire open prison in 2005.
But local police refused to look for him, leaving him free to reinvent himself as a respectable member of society.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Murder victim: Michael Groves, left, with his younger brother Marcus. David Richards and his girlfriend attacked Michael with a wrench, hammer and knife before writing 'Hell's Angels' on the wall with his blood

The habitual armed robber dubbed the Skull Cracker robbed a building society of almost £20,000 while on the run from open prison.
Michael Wheatley, 55, was handed his 14th life sentence last month- but could be out again in ten years.
He admitted holding up the Chelsea Building Society in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, four days after absconding from an open prison in Kent. 
He was already serving 13 life sentences at the time, and failed to return from day release on May 3.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Violent: Skull Cracker Michael Wheatley as he pointed a gun at staff while robbing a building society while on the run from an open prison

Police also took four years to warn the public that a dangerous murderer was on the run from an open prison.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Police have no idea where he is: Murderer Robert Donovan (above) has been on the run since fleeing an open prison four years ago
Robert Donovan, who was convicted of stabbing a West End theatre manager to death, walked out of Ford prison in June 2010.
Police considered him so dangerous that he should not be approached by the public, but not a single appeal was made for help catching him until yesterday.
Donovan, 57, had been in open conditions for less than a year when he absconded from the prison near Arundel, West Sussex.
Officers said they had decided to act only after concluding he was probably no longer in the county.
Tory MP Philip Davies, who has campaigned for tighter rules on open prisons, said: ‘It is quite extraordinary that this is only just coming to light now. The public should have been informed straight away.
‘People need to know for their own safety. If the authorities had to make an announcement every time somebody absconded, I suspect a much more robust system would soon be put in place.’
Donovan was jailed indefinitely at the Old Bailey in December 1974 for a crime that shocked the nation.
The sentence – in this case, the juvenile equivalent of a life term – meant he would be detained until the prison authorities decided it was safe to release him. 

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You Couldnt Make it Up Empty Re: You Couldnt Make it Up

Post  Guest on 2014-06-14, 6:51 pm

These people should be locked away in the most uncomfortable conditions available, the old Dartmoor prison springs to mind, and don't worry about overcrowding and all mod cons. The number of dangerous criminals just walking away from Open Prisons is happening too often these days.

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