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Will anything be the same?

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Will anything be the same? Empty Will anything be the same?

Post  oldblackcat on 2020-03-28, 10:07 am

As I have said in the past the "life and death" quote from Shankly was stupid. Don't get me wrong I know what he was getting at and when I was young used to agree with (all I thought about was football) but as I got older I realised life is more important than anything.

At this moment in time I have 2 friends which will be taken by the terrible disease of cancer. I have several friends in the NHS including a step daughter and grand daughter who I worry about more and more as the Coronavirus spreads throughout the country. Hopefully they all come through it as I don't want to lose anyone else I care about. 

 Baffling to me my job somehow falls into the keyworker category and until Thursday morning when there was little to do I was told I could take the rest of the week off if I wanted but I have to return on Monday.
Tbh I'm not scared to say I'm more than nervous taking 2 buses to get to work and home each day hoping I'm not going to catch this terrible virus. God knows how health workers must feel on the frontline. If this government has any balls when this is over they should give them a big pay rise.  

One thing that I found sad was the way that people reacted when this virus hit....panic buying food with no regard to anyone but themselves (I still don't understand why anyone needs a hundred toilet rolls mind) I know that thousands of volunteers have restored a little faith that there are still people who think of others but it's a sad state of affairs that things had to get so bad before people acted.

When this is all over will things be the same again? Will we cherish every little thing? every little experience? I know I will...hopefully all my family make it through and when this is all over first thing I'm going to do is hug and kiss the life out of them.... I hope everyone else's families on here stay safe...Love and best wishes to all of you
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