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Sunderland AFC League 1
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It is all a bit flat

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It is all a bit flat Empty It is all a bit flat

Post  Guest on 2019-02-04, 9:48 am

After the transfer window excitement and the scrappy 1-0 win we do not play (away) till Saturday.

The two year old was awake at 5.00am this morning with a high ish temp.. so Calpol and no nursery for her.

I could do with a kip... fat chance

Sunderland.. hopefully a full squad reported for training this morning and Ross is planning on the team and tactics to beat Oxford... they drew with us earlier IIRC...

We did have a clean sheet ( thanks keeper) but defence still needs to be better. Hopefully Gregg's will be fit, not sure what Ross can do about Wyke, whose mojo has gone walkabout. I imagine Leadbitter and Mcgeady will start, same back four, Power plus ?

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It is all a bit flat Empty Re: It is all a bit flat

Post  cyprussyd on 2019-02-04, 11:33 am

I hope the little one is feeling better and that you get some sleep.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that I am anything but flat, indeed very happy with my footballing life. I spend most of my internet time on twitter these days, a fantastic medium once mastered and SunderMad are heading for 3000 followers on there so its always busy, match day is a buzzing day.

We are in a good place in the table with a great set of results, far easier to turn draws into wins than losses into draws, we know all about that.

Our defense I am sure will become a back three and that IMO will work and midfield is now becoming a great choice to select from.

In attack we know that Grigg IS fit, in training and will start on Saturday and Wyke so far is being let down more than letting us down. He needs to do better yes but we also need to use him better.

The biog thing for me this week has been Donald's podcast, every word he uttered was honest and spot on, we are in good hands and every question we fans had were answered.

My only niggle is a strange one possibly, the fixation by some to improve the match day atmosphere, an atmosphere I am fine with.

I am pleased to see and indeed enjoy seeing the new Roker end in full voice but I like many done and indeed cant jump up and down, when we score I am just up on my feet as everyone else is sitting down. I consider myself a very good fan and I am surrounded by very good fans. Fans who trundled along last season and the season before but fans who have our own match day experience. Mine is focusing on the game and enjoying some great banter with those around me. So when I am told that I am letting the team down by not standing and singing it puts a damper on things, I take it personally and TBH I am starting to resent it.

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