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Will life ever be the same again

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Will life ever be the same again

Post  cyprussyd on 2014-09-16, 7:58 pm

SunderMad Blog

Will life ever be the same again

I write this 2 days before Scotland vote and in a black week for humanity with another innocent man losing his life simply for trying to do good.

Whatever happens on Thursday the genie is now out of the bottle and with the promise of devomax on the table it seems a win win for Scotland and already we hear, “What about us” from the regions.

I don't know how Scotland and the Scots are viewed down south but here in the north-east it seems all that changes when I travel north is the accent. With the gap between north and south seeming to me wider than ever I don't blame Salmond for the Yes/No debate and I'm not sure the Scots really want to move away from England and the UK. It's more that British politicians of all parties have moved further south and have become south east centric.

Now of course that's just an opinion, my opinion and like all opinions may be right or could well be wrong but for me the Scottish independence debate has shown why the majority seem to have fallen out with the political establishment.

All I see are negative claims and counter claims with a never ending accusation of lies. How on earth are the Scots supposed to come to a rational decision by following the debate?

I have no doubt that a no vote will be the beginning of the next round of arguments with Scotland unhappy with the watered down devomax offer and Labour, Conservative and Libdems arguing their case with more than one eye on the coming general election.

The back drop to all this is an increasingly violent and volatile world with ISIS causing mayhem and the world struggling to find an answer.

All of this of course is for most of us just stories on the news and we can do no more than try and continue our daily lives, work for some, retirement for others and football for the more sadistic amongst us.

Its striking to me how near but so far apart we are from Newcastle, just 15 miles apart in distance and 1 point apart in the league table, not far apart at all, but, listen to the fans and we are a million miles apart.

At Sunderland we are in the main content and hopeful of a good season. But up the road relegation, discontent, manager out and a fear of the worst is in full flow. On our forum one of the happiest members is Dave, a Norwich fan who suffered relegation a few months ago.

So it seems that moods and expectation are down to where we start and what we expected, maybe that's what life is all about.

I guess most of us know what life is all about, we don't expect an easy ride, things handed to us on a silver plater. In our advanced western world we want and expect fair play, an even playing field, social justice, equality and the truth. Well I can see why there is unrest and a disillusionment with politics then because we get very little of any of that.

Sadly in many parts of our world people would love our problems, they would be happy with food, water and the chance to simply live, life can be very cheap and very easily lost.

Maybe I am being melodramatic, unreal,out of touch or just expect to much but I feel like we are on the cusp of real change.

The European elections gave us a warning, or more to the point gave the politicians a warning and now Scotland are again sending out a message, IMO.

Will the Westminster bubble stop the message getting through, interesting and worrying times ahead I feel.

          My glass is always half full and occasionally over flowing. pint pint pint pint
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