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Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

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Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

Post  cyprussyd on 2014-08-23, 7:46 am

SunderMad Blog

Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

This may be uncomfortable reading for many, I can feel hairs rising on backs of necks, anger mounting, rage ready to explode but, its my honest opinion that in our footballing word like in life in the battle of the two cities, Newcastle win just about every time.

From a footballing perspective its important and indeed I would argue that from every other perspective its vital to grasp the nettle, face the truth and admit that we, Sunderland, are second best in just about every area, apart I would argue from the people.

We all can see why its how it is, years of under investment in one city, political bias and indeed political power. The problem of course with looking back at why is it does not solve the now.

But first, am I right about the two cities?

Well lets take a look, shopping, Newcastle you have Eldon Square, Northumberland street, the markets with everything from Primark to Prada and every major retailer.

In Sunderland we have The Bridges and Jackie Whites.

Night life in Newcastle gives you a choice of theatres with opera to Chubby Brown, you can eat any food of the world with kerb side cafés and restaurants in abundance and China Town. You van chose the Arena, big market or city centre.

In Sunderland we have The Empire and ?????

In football St James Park rises out or the city centre and dominates the sky line with a 50 k + crowd on match days creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Over at Sunderland we have the Stadium of Light,on the outskirts of the city, modern and lifeless.

When we see a news report about football on the local or national news Newcastle fans are interviewed with St James Park as a backdrop or a bustling Northumberland Street.

Over in Sunderland it tends to be in an empty Bridges outside Poundland.

Now my fellow Sunderland fans, take a deep breath, make yourself a nice cup of tea and calm down, by now I can feel your rage but bear with me please, I really am one of you.

Maybe I am being unfair on Sunderland a little but I do think the basis of my argument is true but its done to drive home a point, to make us accept reality and face the problem head on.

I think its a fact that the closer you are to the problem the less you can see it and the residents of Sunderland are so protective of their city and so anti Newcastle that they cant or wont face up to the problem, from the outside Newcastle is seen as a far more attractive option than Sunderland.

In the world of football this is a problem faced by a succession of managers, not I add with Newcastle but with players in general opting for London, Manchester, the Midlands or Merseyside before Sunderland. In some cases its down to money or the clubs league position but in the main, IMO, its down to perception.

But outside of football, in the real world, agencies in Sunderland have struggled to attract retailers to the high streets and industry to the City. The media still seems to see over weight, lazy out of work lay a bout's rather than the many hard working and successful residents.

Newcastle sits on the Tyne and was built around ship building and trade, when ship building declined it suffered but, to the north and west it is encompassed by a National Park and agricultural land giving it wealth and protection.

Sunderland sits on the wear and again was built on shipbuilding and trade but when it suffered the loss of shipbuilding it looked around to find in the South and West the Durham coal field that was also destroyed, no protection and poverty.

Yes I know this is a very general and maybe biased view of history but my aim is not to give an history lesson but more to give the basis for debate.

Having destroyed Sunderland and its past you could be forgiven to think I don't like the place, you would be wrong, I love it, I love the area around it and I love its people but its time, IMO, to not only accept we are second best to Newcastle in most eyes but to also accept why.

The reason we lag behind is not our fault, nothing to feel any guilt over or to be ashamed of. Maybe we where just in the wrong place at the wrong time and when industry declined we found we lived in an area totally dependent on, industry.

Sunderland and the area around Sunderland is fighting back and in football we can look at our neighbours and say despite all of their pomp and splendour, French speaking garlic munching players and ginger imports it was Sunderland who won last time, and the time before, and the time before.

For me its not the shops, restaurants or lifeless grey building dominating the sky line that count, its the people and their honesty, values and community.

When those two unfortunate Newcastle fans lost their lives going to a football match the people of Sunderland showed what they are all about and simply gave. A community came together without a thought of the colour of the stripe and just gave.

Its what Sunderland people do and I'm quite proud of that.

          My glass is always half full and occasionally over flowing. pint pint pint pint
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Senior Member(Top Cat)

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Re: Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

Post  oldblackcat on 2014-08-23, 8:15 am

I find it hard to disagree with anything you have said.......working in the darkside for years, one thing I have noticed is that when buildings come down in Newcastle...others are quickly Sunderland nothing happens for years (vaux for example) and the plans for a big town square with a big road and not really anything else dosen't fill me with joy....the Bridges has destroyed the town centre imo...closure of Binns and Joplings partly caused by this and no big shops brought in to replace them (oh we got a big what?)....also in Sunderland we seem to have big plans,but never do anything about them....let's build a new "iconic" bridge...nowt happens...just build a bridge ffs it Dosen't matter if it's iconic or not....and unfortunately in Newcastle they go for it and here in my home town of Sunderland (which I'm proud of) we don't......witness the Arena,Sage,millenium bridge,hotels re-vamped  train station etc.....we have one thing they don't have and we don't make use of it...a fantastic sea front...sadly I can't see it changing soon (although I hope I'm wrong) I'm afraid you're right at the moment we are 2nd best....oh for a council with vision and ambition

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Re: Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

Post  cyprussyd on 2014-08-23, 8:25 am

The sea front must be one of the best around and I find myself with mixed emotions on it.

Part says developer, improve, build lets make it work and attract holiday makers and visitors.

But then I think, no, dont spoil it, its what it is that makes it what it is.

Maybe thats part of the problem.

          My glass is always half full and occasionally over flowing. pint pint pint pint
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Senior Member(Top Cat)

Posts : 44375
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Re: Sunderland v Newcastle-Newcastle v Sunderland

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