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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  cyprussyd on 2014-01-09, 4:20 pm

General Rules

Basically, respect other members and the site in general. Admin take a common sense approach to moderation, and while we try to let things flow without being as strict as most other forums, we will take necessary action where we feel fit. If you have any complaints about how you've been moderated or another user, contact an admin or moderator.


1 - No victimising or discriminating against others. This includes but is not limited to bullying, racism, homophobia and posting of personal information without consent.
2 -  Content may not be illicit, explicit or libellous (so no porn, sexual content or accusations of criminality.) .
3 - No swearing in usernames or thread titles. Elsewhere swearing is allowed but try not to do so excessively.
4 - One account per user. Don't make multiple accounts.

Regarding mature content, the following are expressly NOT allowed.
- Full nudity
- Pornographic images, videos, or games
- Pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi)
- Strategically covered nudity
- Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

Common Courtesy

1 - Post large or long animated GIFs within spoiler, or put a warning in the thread title. Many of our visits come from mobile devices, large GIFs make pages load slowly and quickly eat through data allowance.
2 - Give your thread a descriptive title. Users should be able to tell what the thread is about before clicking on it. Just having a player name or half a leading statement doesn't do this. This is especially important in the Football Discussion forum.
3 - Post news, interesting happenings or new topics of discussion in a new thread. More threads are a good thing and lead to more discussion and a better quality of discussion, since then there aren't multiple distinct conversations going on in one thread. On the same note don't make threads which cover a massive range of topics, it's better to make multiple specific threads.
4 - Try to post threads in the right forum.
5 - Post in English. while we don't expect perfection, at least make it look like you tried to write a real sentence. This is a forum, not an SMS or IM client.

With that said, we hope you enjoy using SunderMad. If you're a new user or a long-time lurker.

Posting Guidelines

Making New Topics (aka Threads)

The Main Thing: Make sure your title is not vague and properly represents the content of your thread.

This means using some common sense. But here are some guidelines to explain what is meant by this anyway:

We love lots of new threads but, before posting, please quickly check through other recent threads to make sure no one has already posted the same or a very similar thread, to which you could add your contribution instead

Don't paint unconfirmed info as fact
- If something is still a rumour or an unconfirmed bit of information, then don't state it as a fact in your title.

Vague titles are not good titles

As you may or may not know, many of the threads on here are posted on the SunderMad Twitter and Facebook pages within a few minutes. Your threads are popular, we get a large amount of views from people seeing your thread titles on Twitter or Facebook and coming to the site for a read. So if only for that reason, please keep your thread titles sensible. If you post a thread with a bad or vague title, it will likely be amended by a moderator. If this is the case, the moderator will change it to something relevant without changing any of your post. If you have a problem with a moderator changing your thread title, feel free to PM any of us - you can find the list 

One final note, we don't want to discourage creativity. You're welcome to be very creative or amusing with your thread titles, but they still have to be understandable and representative of your content.

Posting Comments

Do not post abusive comments.
- Flagrant racism will earn you an instant ban. If there is a misunderstanding of some sort, in which phrases may be construed as racist by some people, all parties involved are encouraged to take it to a moderator rather than spam up somebody's thread with argument. These instances are dealt with on a case by case basis, so obviously if it is possible that you may have been misunderstood, or if you appear to have suggested something that you did not mean, then you have the chance to clarify or make a retraction.
- Unprovoked or gratuitous abuse is not acceptable and repeated instances will likely earn you a ban. This is not a discouragement of arguments or debates, by all means get stuck in. Unprovoked or gratuitous abuse basically involves insulting somebody for absolutely no reason or making violent or threatening personal statements.

Warn people about Not Safe For Work content & GIFs
It's literally anything that you would really not want your boss seeing you look at. It's not just limited to revealing photographs, use some common sense. Pornography is not allowed and threads dedicated to drooling over women are not either. You have the whole internet at your finger tips, if you wish to do that then you can find plenty of places for that purpose. These rules also apply to avatars and signatures.

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