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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter Empty Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

Post  Panther on 2019-02-15, 3:54 am

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From the Hull City Fans Forum on Facebook:
Every superlative that was ever written has been used to describe the talents of Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter and none have ever done him justice. Came to us in the winter of his career to not only play but to also Manage the Club as well. Won a FA Cup winners medal either side of the War with Sunderland (where he still held in high esteem to this day) and Derby County. I found out years later that when I was in 'digs' in Sunderland that the house was in the same street in Hendon that Raich was born in.
No words can describe that moment just before kick off when the crowd would slowly grow silent and then, to the scratchy sound of "Tiger Rag" the great man would lead his team on to the pitch carrying that huge leather football, wearing those outlandish shin-pads to a thunderous roar which could surely have been heard in Beverley. There was a roar every time he touched the ball as a 'moment of magic' was invariably witnessed by the adoring crowd.
Among his many admirers was the great Stanley Matthews, who said about him "I felt [he] was the ideal partner for me... Carter was a supreme entertainer who dodged, dribbled, twisted and turned, sending bewildered left-halves madly along false trails. Inside the penalty box with the ball at his feet and two or three defenders snapping at his ankles, he'd find the space to get a shot in at goal... Bewilderingly clever, constructive, lethal in front of goal, yet unselfish. Time and again he'd play the ball out wide to me and with such service I was in my element".
When Raich Carter came to Hull City the City was decimated by bomb damage and he not only gave us hope but restored the pride in not just Hull City but being from Kingston Upon Hull. I could 'wax lyrical' for hours but you can read about him yourself thanks to the wonderful internet.
Suffice to say that when Horatio 'Raich' Stratton Carter died in September 1994, part of Hull City afc died with him never to return.
Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter - more than just a legend!
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Senior Member(Top Cat)

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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter Empty Re: Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

Post  Kipper on 2019-02-15, 2:09 pm

Investigative fact finder
Investigative fact finder

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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter Empty Re: Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

Post  Nostalgic on 2019-02-15, 8:16 pm

If Wiki is fully accurate then we could have shot ourselves in the foot by not keeping him for the first three seasons after the war until we rebuilt/bought a team to keep us up where we left off. His history is littered with success as player, manager and coach and it is just a shame that there was a little animosity about him leaving that kept him away.
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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter Empty Re: Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

Post  Derro Jimmy on 2019-02-16, 1:25 am

I saw Raich play when I was a lad. I remember him getting the ball on the half way line and there was a marker on him straight away but he commenced his famous "Carter Shuffle" down the wing with his 'marker' sticking to him like glue. He went all the way down to the corner flag where he turned round, pulled a hankie out of his shorts, and blew his nose - he didn't have the ball! He's got rid of it near the half way line but his 'marker' didn't realize. I was selected for one of his clinics at the old Boothferry Park Ground and when I left I honestly felt that I had been in the presence of God! The most gifted and inspirational player I ever saw.
Derro Jimmy
Derro Jimmy

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Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter Empty Re: Horatio "Raich" Stratton Carter

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