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Podcasts - heartwarming stuff

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Podcasts - heartwarming stuff  Empty Podcasts - heartwarming stuff

Post  cretanmakem on 2018-11-03, 8:24 am

Are you a fan of them ? 
This season has brought Sunderland fans a new chapter in the history of our club , new owners , new ideas , new team and an enjoyment of all that is SAFC . 
Before this season my listening to podcasts was random and rare , using them as background noise as I read Sundermad or Roker Report in the main with a coffee and half an ear on my dogs giving it shit to my Greek neighbour as he coughs his guts up in his garden a 100 metres away .
How times change , this season I shut the dogs in the house with me , close the windows , get my feet up and listen to those not quite dulcet tones of Connor Bromley , Wise men and their guests . 
Stewart Donald has been repeatedly mentioned for his openness and frank answers to questions we would never of asked Short and Bain knowing they either couldn't or wouldn't bother their oh so superior arses . With a real fans feel to him he is without doubt a gentleman with Sunderland beginning to flow through his veins . From his laymans terminology of our financial status to his open optimism of Jack and the squad to his 'gangbang' with Connor how can you not love and await with baited breath his next appearance on a podcast . 
But it isn't Mr Donald or Mr Bromley that caused me to mention podcasts it is a certain David Jones , how eloquent was his time this week being interviewed by Connor . To hear his past and present , to glean a knowledge of his journey with Sunderland and his career . To get an insight of life within the footballing world not directly connected with SAFC . For any youth out there listen to this podcast and take in Mr Jones' enthusiasm for all he did , he found his forte , he worked bloody hard I have no doubt , he aspired to achieve his goals , this is a man to admire and to look to as an example of what can be achieved in your life . My hat of to you sir an excellent advert for striving to get your goals . Amazing really as you were borderline Smoggy living in Great Ayton ( I also to my shame lived close , Stokesley , to that 'other' world that is the Boro ) . 
Bravo Sir and please do not be shy in giving us this pleasure again soon .

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Podcasts - heartwarming stuff  Empty Re: Podcasts - heartwarming stuff

Post  cyprussyd on 2018-11-03, 8:55 am

I had never listened to a podcast in my life, was not even sure what they were then Mr Bromley had a chat with Mr Donald on something called a podcast and I was and am hooked.

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