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A question of habit.

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A question of habit.

Post  cyprussyd on 2018-03-18, 7:53 am

Many, many fans have deserted the club or maybe more accurately have been sickened off to the point of walking away.

I understand that completely, the pleasure of attending is long gone so this is NOT a post about the rights or wrongs of going to games, we all make our choice.

There is however an assumption that when things turn, and they will eventually, all those missing fans will return and things will go back to how it was but, will they?

We humans tend to be creatures of habit, that's
probably why I still go and the stay away fans fill their match day with something and its very easy for that something to become their habit.

The present plight of our club is a disaster in so many ways but we are in great danger of losing many fans forever. Of course fans will always be fans but one of the big selling points of the club is the fan base but a none attending fan base depreciates that selling point.

Short has made many mistakes during his time with us but maybe not investing a little in the last two windows will go down as his biggest mistake of them all, maybe he has managed to destroy the fan base and I think most of us believe that it's not over, we have further to fall and worse to come.

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Re: A question of habit.

Post  Vincemac on 2018-03-18, 9:49 am

I’ve had a season ticket for most of the last 50 years 
However through work family and fianance I’ve missed a few years lately.
Nevertheless I now have my season card again.
This year in particular has been very hard for me to enjoy and I’m struggling badly with this bunch of poor players
I know my team will come good again when I don’t know but I will continue to follow them and attend when I can.
Even the years I had no season ticket I still followed my team by other means and will always do that.
We all need to remember these players only play for sunderland for a short while .
We support them all our lives through thick and thin.
Yeh at the moment it is very difficult but I look forward to more better players  making an effort.
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Re: A question of habit.

Post  sunderpitt on 2018-03-18, 10:36 am

I know some enjoy the match day experience for itself.. that is not me.

I enjoy it best when we play well and win, especially against the moneybags clubs. 

Atm we lose most games and put in poor performances, that for me is like getting punched in the mouth.. I can only repeat that so many times. I do not blame the manager or the players. It is Shorts parsimony that has killed us.

I shall probably go again before the end of the season.. but I am not rushing to take more punishment. Although I am renewing my season ticket  Shocked

I expected to take my grandson to a few games this season... I have not done so cos it would likely put him off Sunderland for life
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Re: A question of habit.

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