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Dont worry, be happy..

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Dont worry, be happy..

Post  cyprussyd on 2018-02-22, 12:04 pm

Yes I feel a song coming on but come on boys and girls, so much anger and dare I say it so much self denial.

So many saying I dont give a shit anymore, I dont care, I dont give a f*ck but who do you think you are kidding, of course you care, of course you give a f*ck, you are like it or not a Sunderland supporter.

You can stop going to games even stop watching or listening but, you cant help but take a peak at the score. You cant help taking a peak at SunderMad and other forums, you may convince yourself that by not commenting now or even posting to say I dont care but, looking and posting tells me you do.

So, how can I help you get rid of the anger, de stress and relax?

Well first step is accept that we are what we are and we are where we are, sleeping giant, bank of England club, long standing premier league club even a big club are all in our history not our present. We may not like it but we can do sod all about it, go to games, stay at home, dont listen, do what suits you best but you are and I suspect always will be a Sunderland fan. Sunderland may drop down your list of priorities but it will always be in there somewhere,its a curse you carry.

But even a fanatic like me accepts that my club are not, never have been and never will be my top priority.

So I am calm,relaxed and looking forward to Saturday hoping we win and hoping its the start of a run that sees us safe.

But win lose or draw I return home to real life and if I want things to get angry about, annoyed about or stressed about I can find plenty.

Boys and girls, our club have dragged us near the gutter and the club may well end up in the gutter but we, the fans, are not to blame,lets not allow them to drag us into the gutter with them.

Now, what if we do indeed go down, well we know we will need a new team and who knows, we may even get a winning team, maybe we will even find a level that sees Rodwell shine, OK, maybe that is a step to far.

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Re: Dont worry, be happy..

Post  Hieronymus on 2018-02-22, 12:42 pm

Good post Syd and I completely agree with you. None of this is the fans fault and we should all remember that at all times.

And yes life has a way of ensuring you know what is really important. Football never will be the be all and end all for me. But my current disuillusionment doesn't mean I can stop myself listening on radio at 3pm on a Saturday or having a moan with my fellow Chatboxxers.

It is like the wicked witch has cast a spell on us - but I am still hopeful that a handsome prince (the immensely rich Sultan of Brunei anyone?) will come and rescue us. Even if we get relegated - like the Terminator, we will be back.
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