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Tell ya what

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Tell ya what

Post  cyprussyd on 2017-10-30, 10:28 am

I have been following, supporting, suffering and crying over my team for more years than I care to remember but lets just say that red and white was grey and white on the telly when I started.

In all those years there have been precious few high times but there have been some but any good times have been way overshadowed by the bad times.

From the fulwell end at Roker Park to the long gone bright red seats of the Stadium of Light I have done my best to support my team often when others had given up.

But I honestly can't remember a time like now, I look around for signs of hope and none can be found. The bank of England club is skint, well worse than skint, we are deep in debt and we can't even blame over spending on 20, 30, 50 million pond players, we have managed to do it by buying poor players on massive wages. 

Our star buy's are N'Dong who we has the energy of thoroughbred but seems lacking in any ideas of how to use it.
Fletcher who was a far from prolific scorer.
Rodwell who when fit does not inspire us.
And only Sunderland could manage to get a star signing locked up for inappropriate behavior with a young girl.

We have a team cobbled together with loose change and a manager who to be kind is struggling.

The owner wants out but I don't see a long line of buyers out there and you can't blame them.

The old saying is, "It's the hope that kills me" but even hope is hard to find right now.

Last Saturday I arrived at the stadium at 1.10 and it was eerie. The wind was strong and discarded burger wrappers were being blown around like tumbleweed in an old western film. The burger bars were sending out smoke from cooking burgers but there were no crowds rushing to buy them.

Into the stadium I went and when I walked up from the concourse it struck me how tired the stadium looked, some red seats in a sea of tired faded pink ones sort of said it all.

At kick off the empty seats could not be missed but the fans there started in full voice doing their best, the smallest of efforts were cheered and yes when Bristol City scored the quiet was deafening, understandably so. But that soon changed as the team showed effort and in stoppage time we drew level, hope was high for the second half but not for the first time hope was soon lost, again.

I am 69 now and to be honest I wonder if I will live to see us in the premier league again, it seems a world away right now.

We could change the manager and probably should but, who will come, will he improve us with no money to spend and if the owner sells will he keep his job, not an easy sell to the chosen one whoever that is.

I will be there tomorrow, in my usual seat with my usual optimism for a win but, keep it quiet but even I don't believe me now.

The really sad thing is that I no longer see people hurting now, not because they don't care but because hope is fading, keeping the faith is harder and even the mags no longer helps.

Still, 3 points tomorrow and suddenly we will all believe again, until next Sunday at least.

Wise men say only fools rush in, ain't that the truth.

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Re: Tell ya what

Post  Hieronymus on 2017-10-30, 10:58 am

Great post. If only the team was half as good as our supporters deserve. We would be winning trophies. 

They do say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Let's all hope this is our darkest hour.
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