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Don't normally do anger but...

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Don't normally do anger but...

Post  cyprussyd on 2017-05-20, 7:21 am

My morning has started in it's usual way, trawling the on line stories about our wonderful team and my anger grows the more I read.

For all we could all see disaster looming I'm not sure many could see it coming in Titanic proportions but is seems that the mismanagement of the past years is catching us up big time.

To say we are a club in crisis and chaos is an understatement and we go into our final premiership game with a raft of injuries, a sore hip, poorly leg and no doubt the odd head ache.

We seem to have a squad of highly paid professional footballers who have shown over the season they are not that good at football but are also proving that they are anything but professional.

The manager will select a team tomorrow who may well be humiliated at Chelsea and both manager and players will be torn apart but are we aiming our anger at the wrong target?

Khazri, Kone and Anchebe should be first in the firing line, all have knocks and it sounds like they are the kind of knocks that would not be there if we where in the top 6, knocks that players who give a dam would play with.

Tomorrow morning the Coxhoe branch bus will leave along with many other buses from the area. All will be full of "ordinary" people, fans who will have paid a fair bit of money to travel hundreds of miles in a hot cramped bus to cheer their team and after a season of let downs they face the final let down, footballers who don't give a shit about the club or it's long suffering fans.

The three players mentioned, and they are not alone, have been treat as heroes, their names sang out by adoring fans and they have the brass neck to say how good the fans are, how much they appreciate them. They appreciate them so much that they cant be arsed to put in one final 90 minute effort to try and give them something to cheer about at the end of this sorry season.

I can and do excuse players like Buckley, Bridcutt and others who came, did their best but ultimately failed to make it with us. Players who give their all but find their all is not good enough.

But how do we even try and forgive a Kone, a player of unquestionable talent but questionable character, a player who is not even prepared to try and justify his inflated salary.

The transfer window opens soon and I will shed no tears when I hopefully see this set of gutless players depart, I care not where they go I just want them as far away from my club as possible.

Next season will I'm sure start with a team that many of us will know little about, no premiership prima donors with egos and pay packets that are bigger than any character they have.

I look forward to going to games next season and watching a team of triers and hope this really is a turning point, the chance to jettison the cowards,piss takers and bad apples and replace them with men who are ready to roll their sleeves up and give their all for the team,the club and the fans.

I'm angry with myself for cheering players who don't deserve it but unlike many I will still be there next season in the hope that the decision makers at the club finally get it right.

I find the mere thought of a hard brexit, Tory win and more of the same at Sunderland to be more than anyone deserves to suffer and it's possible that we will get all three.

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

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Re: Don't normally do anger but...

Post  barrowmackem on 2017-05-20, 1:20 pm

Hope Chelsea play the song ready to go dedicated to half of our deadbeats. Sooner they feck off the better.

Sunderland AFC fans, (The Special Ones)
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Re: Don't normally do anger but...

Post  Silvers on 2017-05-20, 1:33 pm

I was resigned as far back as September that we were 'down' this season.
Clear as crystal that we were just not good enough.

Perhaps the difference in class was the reason for apparent lack of effort.
Perhaps we could not get anywhere near to the other teams with their superior speed and athleticism?

The Championship is a gear lower.
Perhaps our remaining players will be more comfortable at this level until the club halts its decline.

We will need investment and this will have to be financially planned - but that is what accountants should be doing anyway !

Hopefully we will keep Pickford and his shut outs will considerably help our cause.
We just need a signing or two who can score goals !

Pickford excelled in the Championship when on-loan at Preston...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

On 31 July 2015, Pickford joined Preston North End on a season-long loan for the 2015–16 season.[37] He kept a clean sheet on his debut in a 0-0 draw against Middlesbrough.[38] Further clean sheets in a 1-0 win against Milton Keynes Dons in his second league game and a 0-0 draw with Rotherham United on 18 August made it a clean sheet in all three of his first three league games for the club.[39][40] On 25 August Pickford kept another clean sheet as Preston defeated Premier League side Watford 1-0 in the League Cup.[41] On 7 November, Pickford recorded a 6th consecutive clean sheet in a 0-0 draw against QPR equalling the club record.[42][43] During his stint at Preston, Pickford impressed his veteran goalkeeping teammate Chris Kirkland, who said “Jordan comes out to take crosses and has an authority for someone still very young... As for his kicking, that is brilliant! I have never seen anyone kick a ball like he does."[44] On 20 December 2015, Pickford was controversially sent off in a 1-0 defeat against Leeds United- he rushed out of his box to challenge striker Chris Wood, and was adjudged to have handled the ball.[45] Preston successfully appealed the decision, using replay footage that showed the ball hitting his chest.[46]

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Re: Don't normally do anger but...

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