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Post  cyprussyd on 2016-04-14, 1:10 am

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EXPOSED: We shall bring extended reports on this trial as it develops

Day 3 trial update - New update - Died as a result of “blunt force” trauma to his upper body[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] 

A toddler suffered a horrific catalogue of torture for two years before he was murdered by his own mother and her partner, a trial heard today.

Rachel Fee and her civil partner Nyomi Fee, 28, deny killing her son in a house near Glenrothes on 22 March 2014 and blaming the death on another child.

The couple also allegedly subjected two other young boys to abuse and torment, which included being locked in a cage and forced to eat dog excrement, the court was told.

Little Liam and the other boys were allegedly tied up and beaten, given cold showers, and forced to wet the bed because they were banned from leaving their rooms at night

One of the youngsters was threatened with having his genitals cut off with a saw, and had a cage filled with rats put on his head, a jury heard.

The other boy was told that his dad was dead and the youngster had killed him, according to the charges.

They allege he was tied up in a room where rats, snakes and a boa constrictor were kept, and told the boa constrictor ate “naughty boys” while being forced to sleep there.

The court was told he had his face rubbed in soiled underwear and was made to eat his own vomit.

Jurors were read a five page indictment at the High Court in Livingston outlining the full horror of the crimes that Liam’s mother and her partner 28, are accused of.

The pair deny murdering little Liam at their home near Glenrothes, Fife, in March 2014, allegedly blaming a young boy for killing him.

The women, who live together in Ryton, Tyne and Wear, sat in the dock as the sickening charges were listed.

The couple are accused of murdering Liam after inflicting blunt force trauma some time in the week before his death. 

Prosecutors said the injuries were caused by “means unknown”.

They are charged with delaying contacting emergency services after discovering Liam’s body and hiding evidence of their victims’ mistreatment in a bid to defeat the ends of justice.

The court heard they falsely incriminated one of the boys for Liam’s death, telling a 999 operator, police officers arriving at their home, and family and friends that he was responsible.

They deny ill-treating and neglecting Liam between January 12 2012, when he was just six months old, and his death at the family house on March 22 2014, causing him unnecessary suffering or injury.

That included leaving the tot for long periods in a dark room with no physical or mental stimulation, and failing to give him adequate food.

The accused used Calpol and medicine to drug the youngster to make him keep quiet, the court heard.

And they allegedly failed to get Liam medical help in the run-up to his death.

Prosecutors contend two other boys suffered a string of attacks and mistreatment between January 12 2012 and Liam’s murder.

Both children were allegedly banned from leaving a bedroom at night-time, forcing them to wet the bed as they couldn’t go to the toilet, while they were beaten if they failed to comply.

The youngsters were punished with lengthy cold showers for wetting beds, left under freezing water and told by the Fees to stand still if their bodies shook, the court heard.

Both were forced to sit or stand naked or in underwear on a step or chair - known to them as the ‘naughty step’ - for prolonged periods, the charges read.

The youngster the couple claimed killed Liam was forced to sit on a chair while naked or in underwear and write out the same sentence repeatedly on paper, the indictment said.

The women allegedly constructed a cage using a metal fire guard and pieces of wood, and the boy was locked inside.

They forced him to lie in the cage while naked during the day and sleep there overnight, the jury heard.

They allegedly bound his arms and legs to the cage with cable ties, string, or a dressing gown cord, placed household objects on him and struck him if they fell off, and put items including a chair on the cage to stop him escaping.

The trial heard the women would pour water on him to pretend he’d urinated, and force him to sit in the cage with his feet elevated from the floor.

They are charged with making him sleep in a cot with his arms and legs bound to it with belts or dressing gown cord. On one terrifying occasion they put a cage filled with rats on his head, the jury was told.

The Fees allegedly forced the boy to sleep in a drawer.

The charges contend the youngster was forced to his eat his own excrement after soiling himself. He was also allegedly made to eat dog excrement.

The jury was informed the boy was deprived of food as a punishment, given inadequate bed covers when it was cold, and called names by the accused.

The women are charged with failing to get him medical help when he injured his feet in January 2014, then stamping on his feet and squeezing them.

They are charged with assaulting the boy, including punching him and pressing their feet against his throat. They allegedly forced his head into a bath of cold water, and cut his private parts with a pair of scissors.

Prior to the arrival of police and paramedics at the home on March 22 2014, they are accused of seizing a boy’s hand and forcing it into Liam’s mouth after he was dead.

They allegedly compelled him to strike the other young boy in his privates with a shoe and a tube of cream, and to slap him if he moved from the ‘naughty step’.

Another boy in the charges also suffered two years of abuse between January 2012 and March 2014, including being beaten, according to the indictment.

He was told he’d murdered his own dad with a saw or similar implement, and was threatened that his private parts would be cut off with a saw, the court was told.

The women are accused of depriving him of food as a punishment, tying him to a chair, and forcing him to assault the other boy.

The trial continues.


Two girls arrested over abduction of three-year-old in Newcastle

Teenagers, 13 and 14, questioned by police on suspicion of child abduction after toddler goes missing from Primark store

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
 The toddler went missing from the Primark store in Newcastle city centre on Wednesday afternoon. Photograph: Stuart Forster/Rex
Josh Halliday North of England correspondent
Thursday 14 April 2016 08.51 BSTLast modified on Thursday 14 April 201611.06 BST

Two teenage girls have been arrested on suspicion of abducting a three-year-old girl from a Primark store in Newcastle.
The toddler went missing from the busy shop in the city centre shortly before 5pm on Wednesday.
A city-wide police investigation was launched immediately, including a travel alert on buses and trains and a warning to nearby stores as detectives scoured CCTV.
The child was found just over an hour later by a police community support officer in Gosforth, three miles north of the city centre.
Two girls, aged 13 and 14, were being questioned by police on Thursday morning after being arrested on suspicion of child abduction.
Ch Insp Dave Gould said: “Thankfully the child was quickly located by officers and then reunited with her mother. This has been an incredibly distressing time for the girl’s family and specialist officers are working with and supporting the family.
“We mobilised all available local police resources to make sure the girl was found as quickly as possible and also included assistance from the public, and many of our partner agencies including Newcastle local authority and university as well as staff from retail premises, bus companies, train station and metro system. I would like to thank all of those involved for their help in finding this little girl and helping reunite her with her mother.
“Our inquiries will now continue to establish the circumstances of what happened and speaking to the two teenage girls in custody regarding the incident”


[size=40]Croydon Cat Killer 'strikes again' with fresh decapitation[/size]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
A ginger cat (not pictured) is the latest victim of the individual or individuals who have been called the 'Croydon Cat Killer'Photo:
A ginger cat was found decapitated in Thorton Heath in Croydon over the weekend, according to an animal welfare leading the investigation into the Croydon Cat Killer.
The dead cat was found by a bus driver on Saturday afternoon, and reported to police, South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) said.

The cat had been dead in the garden for two days before being reported to the police by local bus drivers, who we would like to thank as they called the police.
We'd also like to thank the two PCSOs who secured the scene, shielded the cat's body from view, giving him some dignity.
Enquiries revealed that the cat, who was decapitated, was well known in the area, normally in the company of another ginger stray, who appears to have gone missing.
Rest in peace little one. We are so sorry that your life was stolen from you.


News of the latest killing comes amid fears that the cat killer has extended the area being prowled for potential victims.
Read: Is the cat killer travelling beyond Croydon to target more pets?
The animal rights group SNARL says it has detailed decapitations in areas from Luton down to Hampshire and Surrey, as well as around Bedford, Tottenham Hale and Stepney, and has urged owners to exercise caution.
Post-mortems have shown that beyond a doubt, the mutilations are being carried out by a human being with a bladed instrument. There is absolutely, categorically no doubt about this. It is not dogs, cats or foxes causing these injuries.
Post-mortem results also show that mutilations appear to be the work of one person. Furthermore, there are a number of details we have not released so if we do get anyone evil enough to try and copy these murders, we will know about it.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
A £5,000 reward being offered for information. Credit: ITV News
The RSPCA said last week that they had reported cat deaths across the capital and greater London but hey cannot be linked to other deaths until tests have been carried out.
The charity PETA are offering a £5000 reward for anyone with information which leads to the arrest of the cat killer.

This is a real threat to all our cats in London, please be vigilant & report any info you may have. @snarllondon

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Police are working with the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty group to investigate the deaths.
It is believed that as many as 50 cats across London have been killed in this gruesome way.

Read: Croydon cat killer may keep animal heads as 'trophies'
Last updated Mon 11 Apr 2016

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