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SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

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SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

Post  cyprussyd on 2015-11-01, 7:41 am

SunderMad Blog

Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

I know Corbyn tends to polarize opinion of the man and his leadership but that's not the point of this post, its more is the Corbyn treatment what is wrong with UK 2015?

We can debate indeed argue about Corbyns politics, that's how it should be but there are a few things we can't argue about.

  • Corbyn won the leadership election fair and square.
  • He won with a massive mandate from party members.
  • He is the party leader.

So I would argue that love him or hate him a large number of party members back him so if a large group of MP's are against him are they in fact placing themselves above the people who support them and is that right?

We then have our media who again seem to have far more power than you or I, the plebs, remember them, at the bottom of the pile.

We pride ourselves, indeed to to war on the back of our wonderful democracy. We sneer at dictatorships because here in the UK we have a great hard working democracy where we all have an equal voice.

There is every chance that Corbyn will fail but he wont be brought down by democracy but by the media and a relatively small group of powerful people within labour who don't like him.

We have a democracy where we are governed by a party who gained power with 36.9% of the vote. A democracy where a leader elected with over 50% of his parties vote is in danger of being brought down by a media with vested interests and a small group of MP's who seem hell bent on ignoring the 50% plus.

Maybe the simple truth is that our democracy has one major flaw, its undemocratic.

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Re: SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

Post  canary-dave on 2015-11-01, 8:47 am

Here's a thought, why don't all the Labour Constituency selection committees inform the rebel MP's that they will be deselected for the next Parliament unless they toe the line?

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Re: SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

Post  Hieronymus on 2015-11-01, 11:52 am

I agree the coverage has been most unfair Syd, but in his quiet way, I believe Jeremy Corbyn is slowly winning over the doubters. He will struggle to get most of the main stream media on his side but I still believe many people on the UK believe in fair play and they can suss out the biased reporting, shamefully even by the BBC.

Jeremy is issuing daily bulletins on Facebook and other online media channels, and going out and meeting people like the workers in Scunthorpe and Redcar, who are losing their jobs, as well as being brave enough to raise human rights issues and the problem of steel dumping with the president of China (while Cameron and Osborne tried to crawl up his bottom!)

He is actively demonstrating the qualities of a true grown up and a leader; talking and persuading and convincing people to see his viewpoint. For example his performance at PMQ's last Wednesday was excellent. Skewering the Prime Minister who refused to answer a simple question, but in a quiet and polite way. Showing Cameron, Parliament and all of us, that bullying and threats have no place in a modern democracy.

Jeremy knows that face to face discussion, negotiation, co-operation and coming to a consensus are the only way the UK and the world can tackle some of the huge problems it faces now and in the future.  He is still new to all this and there have been mistakes made, but he has my full support. I feel he and his team will get smarter at countering the briefings against them, and develop and change politics for the better. In my opinion they already have succeeded in this. As Jeremy says, we are entering a new era for politics, and isn't it about time?
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Re: SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

Post  Nostalgic on 2015-11-01, 6:06 pm

I know little about him other than what is generally in the press but if ever a government is heading to be unseated it is the current one. The anti-social/poverty cuts they are proposing alongside the new communications access to police and their determination to "balance the books" via welfare cuts will be buried unless a strong leader is willing to savage them

Corbyn may talk in soft voice but he has to get his message over effectively. Good luck to him.

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Re: SunderMad Blog--Jeremy Corbyn & UK 2015

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