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SunderMad Blog--That's Life

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SunderMad Blog--That's Life

Post  cyprussyd on 2015-09-09, 4:25 pm

SunderMad Blog
Francis Albert, old blue eyes himself, never liked him when I was young but he is someone I think you grow into, nothing to do with this month’s blog mind.

I am an avid user of social media, forums, Facebook and Twitter are like second homes to me, right down there with the kids I am. Add in my daily dose of news and current affairs and it’s easy to see why so many say the UK is well and truly knackered, kaput, shafted, on its last legs.

With immigration and migration now a daily top topic, the Labour party showing how to make a right pigs ear of electing a new leader, the LibDems in hibernation, UKIP on a long holiday, the SNP quietly settled into the place they want to leave and Mr C, the boy George and everyone’s favourite IDS in full flow, who would want to stay here?

The NHS is at breaking point, child sex abuse it seems is around every corner and we suspect Rolf’s song about 2 little boys was true. Even Garry’s glitter is long gone and who would dare walk down the street smoking a cigar and wearing a shell suit?

No wonder many are saying I want out, pastures new for me, stuff the good old UK, had enough.
I don’t have lots of experience of living outside County Durham and none of living outside the UK, mind I did once spend 6 months in South Wales, does that count?
So I can only talk about what I know, yes I heard that, “Makes a change”.

I am weeks away from my 67th birthday, money in a card please, I don’t need socks, and I live a quiet life in sleepy old Coxhoe, a pit village like the rest without a pit but still with a good strong community.
My heart is faulty, knees knackered and mind often wanders, mind since moving in with Annette it doesn’t wander to some of the places it used to, she says that’s why I need glasses.

I live in a house that’s got all mod cons, double glazing, central heating, hot and cold running water, a roof, garden, and doors. We laugh but many in other countries don’t have that.

I feel very safe and secure and assured not scared when I see a policeman, many in other countries don’t have that.
I no longer work and am far from rich but every Monday without fail enough money is paid into my bank account to ensure I can eat, drink and even pay for Sky TV and internet and even go to watch my football. Many in other countries don’t have that.

Once a month I go to the chemists and they give me a carrier bag full of medicines to help keep me alive, they never ask for money, it’s just there. Many people in other countries don’t have that.

I am a regular at Bishop Auckland General Hospital; I had the choice of 3 by the way. I see my heart consultant or chest and lung consultant, both well-educated and top notch at their jobs.
They just see me and treat me, never ask to see my up to date medical insurance or credit card details. Even some of our bigger better countries don’t have that.

I can travel the full area in which I live for free, honest I can, one swipe of my bus pass and off I can go, and many other countries don’t even have a bus.

When I want food I have choice, local shops, city shops or out of town supermarkets, all food is by and large safe because there are laws to make it so. Many countries don’t have that.

In summer it sometimes rains and in winter it can snow but there are two airports near with cheap flights to whatever I am looking for, the flights are safe. A few miles up the road there is a port with ferries that will take me to Europe and in Durham City we have a railway station on the main line to just about anywhere I want to go.

Less than a mile to my left is the A1 that will take me north or south and a few miles to my right is the A19.
Just over 2 hours north is the gateway to Scotland, a few hours south the wonderful North Yorkshire.
If I go west I will soon be in Cumbria and the Lake District and 30 minutes east is the beautiful coast.

Immigration in Coxhoe, not sure we have any, my doctors Indian but he is not an immigrant to me, he is my doctor. My favourite Indian takeaway is run by Asians, no idea where they are from but they make a fantastic meal. Oh and my heart consultant, yes he is Asian but I never feel he wants to kill me, quite the opposite, he keeps me alive.

Its 40 degrees in my favourite country, Cyprus, I would be indoors with the air conditioning on.
I can see lots of attractions in leaving and moving abroad, things are far from perfect in the UK but, and it’s a big but.
I can see a lot more attractions in staying here, but that’s just me.
The Tories wont rule forever, will they?

          My glass is always half full and occasionally over flowing. pint pint pint pint
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Senior Member(Top Cat)

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Re: SunderMad Blog--That's Life

Post  canary-dave on 2015-09-09, 4:35 pm

At our age Syd, I fear it may just be forever!  Sad Sad

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Re: SunderMad Blog--That's Life

Post  Nostalgic on 2015-09-09, 10:46 pm

You are living on the shoulder of political giants Syd. NHS=Labour, OAP=Labour, a lifetime of work seen as worthy by caring governments of either party who saw the value of honest toil contributing to the wealth and health of the nations. Changes in political attitudes and society contribute to today's mess. 

But then may our parents or grandparents used to think the same about "today's  generation". Life rolls on old lad.

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Re: SunderMad Blog--That's Life

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