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Post  cyprussyd on 2015-04-08, 1:22 pm

SunderMad Blog


Over my many years of following the Red & Whites I have seen many derbies and a few fantastic days with white hot atmospheres.
The Wear Tyne derby on Sunday 5th April 2015 was up there with the best.

Of course you could say its easy to be happy when you win and indeed winning makes life that little better but it would be wrong to suggest that the win made the atmosphere.

From early morning the feel was different and the bounce was tangible here in Coxhoe, in Sunderland it must have been higher.

Going to the town you could feel a relaxed confidence and red and white was out in abundance, all smiling and all ready for battle.

By the time I reached the stadium the buzz was already in the air and the normal pre derby nerves were obvious by their absence, why?

The turnstiles opened just after 2.30 and in we went, I always go in at opening time and always just walk up and go in, not today, today I joined a queue, yes, 90 minutes before kick off and we were queuing at the turnstiles, a first for me.

Overhead we had the police helicopter hovering but it was not alone and you could see puzzled heads looking up, asking what it was, a wise old head said he knew the answer, he had seen it before in days long gone,”That son is the sun”.

All around coats and fleeces came off bare arms could be seen all around, this indeed was shaping up to be a special day, could it last.

Around 3.15 the team came out for their warm up but instead of the normal polite applause a crescendo of sound came up cheering the players on, the stadium announcer said he had team news.

The names were read out,
Pantilimon, O'Shea, Vergini, Va Aanholt,Larsson,Wickham, Fletcher, Defoe, all expected names and Cattermole, an extra loud cheer rang out but, two names we maybe did not expect, Jones and Gomez.

Both got their cheers but Jones was a surprise to most and Gomez a concern to many, what was Dick thinking of.

Despite those concerns the atmosphere continued to build with red and white shirts continuing to stream in and above us to the north a few thousand Newcastle fans took their seats almost unnoticed, had they been muzzled by the RSPCA in order to protect the wild life and police horses?

By the time Dance of the Knights rang out the stadium was full and you could feel it moving, from every corner anticipation and noise rang out but if we thought that was noise, we had not heard anything yet.

The teams entered to a wall of sound that I had not heard at the SoL before and that would not stop.

The game kicked off and with the first few minutes we won a corner, gone was the me to you you to me style with the ball going from centre back to centre back, a direct no nonsense style from kick off won the fans approval and they backed it with ever increasing noise levels. The noise encouraged the players and the style saw the visitors retreat in shock, indeed I would say fear.

On the other side of the pitch a lad with ginger hair tried to show us why he made the decision to leave us for a bigger better club. The encouraging boos told him that his old family did not agree with his judgement. He was to make the home fans jealous for the second game running by having a close up view of a Sunderland goal, luck sod, we had to watch from the stands.

I enjoyed the first half and the effort from my team and with minutes to go fans started streaming out for their half time pint, coffee and pee. I was pleased because it looked like we would be going in level, that would do me.

Well those half time early pints I am sure would have been spilled, a long punt up by Pantilimon was met by the impressive Fletcher and it was noticeable that Wickham was there to head the ball if Fletcher missed it, two Sunderland strikers together ready to pounce, would you believe it?

Well those two were ready but the third striker did, the ball met his weaker foot rather than the turf and it flew up in the air then dipped, yes it dipped right into the corner of the Newcastle goal. Have you ever heard 48,000 people orgasm at the same time in the same place, I have.

I have seen lots of pictures of Defoe crying at half time, let me tell you he was not alone.

The second half came and left us with sore throats at breaking point but they all had one more big cheer left, that came when Pantilimon, match ball in hands and the Newcastle keeper next to him Through his arms in the air and was lost in a group of Sunderland players celebrating victory. None of us heard the final whistle, it was lost in the noise.

Every player played their part but I confess I have a special smile for 3 or them.

Defoe for his goal, his work rate for the team and his tears of emotion, pricless.
Jones for his performance after months out with injury, his inclusion was a surprise but it was more than justified.

Gomez, yes the much maligned Gomez, did he silence his critics, well maybe not but for that one game he shut them up.

All the players did their bit and all are heroes who wont forget the derby of Sunday 5th April 2015.

But for me the real stars are me and my fellow fans who have been served disappointment after disappointment and have rightly moaned about a group of players who let us down so often.

Despite all those let downs when needed we were there, travelling from all parts of the UK to do our bit and do our bit we certainly did.

Now its over to the players, on Saturday they get their chance to pay us back. Already well in excess of 40,000 tickets have been sold and we can expect a near capacity crowd again in full voice.

Unlike last Sunday I think we will be there with a little more trepidation because we have all been here oh so many times before, this time must be different.

Win again and we can really start and look forward to another season in the premier league but lose and, well it wont spoil last Sunday but it could well ruin next weekend.

But enough of this doom and gloom, we are on a roll and in Dick we trust, I have vacuumed my magic carpet and serviced the bus, it needs a respray but I wont spend cash on that until I know whose bus it is.

By the way, you may well not know this, it has not really been mentioned but that's 
5 in a Row.
ack ack ack ack ack ack

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Re: SunderMad Blog.. DERBY DAY DELIGHT

Post  Silvers on 2015-04-08, 3:19 pm

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Re: SunderMad Blog.. DERBY DAY DELIGHT

Post  Hieronymus on 2015-04-08, 4:08 pm

Great blog Syd. Says it all. 

I watched on TV and loved every minute of it and yes, you are right, the normal nerves and anxiety were more from the Newcastle fans in the pub I was in, and for me my concern evaporated almost from the kick off due to the positive playing style we adopted. 

Being a Sunderland fan is never easy but sometimes it all comes right at the right time. Sunday was one such rare occasion, one for the scrapbooks and a priceless memory for those that were there. 

Now I am going to be at the SOL on Saturday for the Palace game, so am praying the lads can do it again so I can witness a win and be part of such a great atmosphere in person!  bounce bounce bounce
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Re: SunderMad Blog.. DERBY DAY DELIGHT

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