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Post  cyprussyd on 2014-11-11, 9:39 am

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You know the ones I mean, from new born to standing on their own two feet, many of us have them.

Well today I pose you a question, a question brought about by a brief listen to radio Newcastle yesterday, a particular pleasure of mine while toiling in my kitchen and preparing food.

Well yesterday a lady was on talking child care and advocating free childcare in England. I only caught the gist of it, not the detail, well you see I am male and was working at the time and you ladies know that we men don't do multi asking, concentrating on the radio while chopping a carrot can be a disaster.

Now stop it, you will distract me and set me off on tangents, naughty indeed, back to children.

This ladies argument was that it was bad economics for the country to have prohibitive child care costs because it meant we lost the talents of many woman in the workplace by having them staying at home caring for children.

I don't think this is a government policy and have no idea who this lady represented but it made me think and ask myself the question that I now ask you,

Whose responsibility is it to provide childcare for children?

Of course the obvious answer is the parents and in my superior elderly male way I thought, how dare she, why should I cover the cost of anyone's child care through my taxes, cheeky bugger.

But then I thought again and maybe its me who is the cheeky bugger.

You see in my day, long ago now when life seemed far simpler, wives often did not work but it was common for them to take a good few years off work to be full time mothers.
In those days I and I suspect most found one wage coming in gave a quite good standard of living so a second wage was a bonus to be added in when the kids got older.

And of course in those days families still in the main where I lived stayed close so the extended family, grand parents in particular where the norm for stepping in with free childcare.

So looking back maybe I was fortunate and never had that problem of one wage and poverty v two wages and the crippling cost of child care.

And of course so far I have fallen into that great male stereotype, he little woman staying at home while the male works, an increasingly inaccurate stereotype with more and more woman being the main bread winner, dear me, bread winner, I am on a role today.

Of course the argument could well be, if they cant afford to keep them then they should not have them. A valid argument indeed, but, should a lack of finances stop any couple enjoying the joys of parenthood?

In the streets around me I see families with a mother and father who in the kindest of ways are not the most intelligent, who will never be high flyers earning fortunes. Their children don t dress in the latest designer clothes and Christmas may well be a second hand laptop or x box that will have been saved for over many months. But the one thing these children have in abundance is love, they are showered with it.

One couple come to mind, they are not married, the lady is no oil painting and the man does not and probably will never have full time employment. He does however do odd jobs and if anyone in the village needs a hole digging, a wall knocking down, he is your man. They have one child, now will be around 3 years old and I would bet you would have to go a long, long way to find a better cared for more loved little girl. That couple for me blow the if you cant afford argument out of the window.

So I ask again,

Whose responsibility is it to provide childcare for children?

Would we not benefit by us all helping out and covering the cost or is that just opening the flood gates for people to abuse out generosity?

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